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Out with the old, in with the new

Two house demolitions have started Westside Housings’ new year off with a bang. The two homes, one in Parafield Gardens and the other in Ingle Farm, were demolished in late January 2019. In their place, Westside will be constructing three new three-bedroom homes in Parafield Gardens and two new homes in Ingle Farm.  With these new buildings, Westside will be adding five high-quality, architecturally-designed homes to its affordable housing portfolio.

Paul Shannahan, Manager Assets and Development says the construction is proceeding on schedule and the new homes should be ready for occupancy in late 2019. He also comments that “…it is an exciting time for Westside. In 2019 we will be working really hard on progressing not only these two sites but many other development sites. These homes, plus others over the coming years, will increase our ability to house many families in need of a safe and secure home”.

30 Jennifer Terrace, Parafield Gardens

Below are the approved plans for the three new homes in Parafield Gardens. Westside has chosen to sacrifice higher yields at this site in order to build single-storey family dwellings. This was a deliberate choice to support our sustaining tenancies objectives; including a focus on ageing in place, accessible parking and access to private and communal open space. Building lower densities allows Westside to provide a home to people with more complex needs. It also reduces issues associated with adjoining dwellings such as noise complaints and neighbourhood disputes. When built and coupled with appropriate allocations, this layout and design will support long-term community connections and foster positive neighbourhood relations.