A new-look Water Bill

We are making Water Bills simple.

From March 2019, you will be sent a new look Water Bill from Westside.

The new Water Bill now has all the information you need in one piece of paper, including your water charges and up to date account information.
They will still be sent every 3 months.

This is what they will look like…

Yellow box – Your total water usage for the billing period.
Orange box – The breakdown of your water usage by the charge rate.
Green box – Your concessions (you must apply for water concessions to receive them).
Pink box – Amounts you have paid in advance. This will appear if you have set up a payment plan.
Red box – Total amount payable for this current bill. Payment is due 14 days from the invoice date.

* Your actual bill will not come with boxed colours. It is for highlighting in this email only.

Why are we doing this?

  • We are streamlining our internal processes. We will receive your usage data and concession information SA Water electronically, making billing faster and more accurate.
  • We are reducing our carbon footprint and creating less waste. This process will save printing over 5,200 sheets of paper per year.
  • We will save money on printing and postage (if you sign up to email billing) to spend on more important things.

Go on a payment plan

Pay your water in advance, at the same time as your rent.

  • This can reduce bill shock every 3 months.
  • It helps you budget for your household bills.
  • You can pay by Bank Transfer, EFT or Centrepay.

Contact your Tenancy Officer to set this up.
Monday to Friday 9am-4pm.
Emmily erositano@westsidehousing.org.au, 8155 6085 – Western homes
Anne agarlick@westsidehousing.org.au, 8155 6072 – Northern homes
Tania tware@westsidehousing.org.au, 8155 6073 – Southern homes


If you have a concession card, low-income card or are on a Centrelink income you may be eligible for water concessions.
It can save up to 30% on your annual water bills.

Find out more and apply here.

Water bills by email

Receive your Westside Water Bill by email. This reduces the amount of paper we print and send.
You will also receive your bill faster than regular mail, giving you more time to budget.
Contact our office to sign up to email Water Bills.

Request an SA Water Bill

If you have any queries about the charges that appear on your Westside Water Bill, you may still request a record of your water usage from SA Water. You can do this by contacting Westside who will make the request (as we are the SA Water customer):
– Call 8155 6070, Monday to Friday 9-4
– Email housingservices@wha.org.au