Q. How do I pay my rent?

You can pay from your rent:

  • Through your Centrelink account (Centrepay)
  • Direct deposit (EFT) into our bank account
  • Bank deposit (in person).

If you have any questions, please contact us (link to contact page).

Q. How much rent am I charged?

Community housing

In a community housing home, you pay 25% of your income, plus 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA), water charges and a small levy.

Affordable housing

In an affordable housing home you will pay 74.9% of the market rent calculated each year, plus water charges.

Supported housing

A small amount of our homes are specifically for customers of linked support services. The rent you pay in supported housing is 25% of income, plus 100% of Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) and water charges.

Q. What is a rent review?

What should I do if I have missed a payment?

Our housing services team are approachable and willing to work with any tenant who falls in to water or rent arrears. Our goal is to keep you in safe and secure housing for the duration of your need.

Please contact your tenancy officer to discuss a payment plan to catch you up.

8155 6075

8155 6085

8155 6072

Q. What is a rent review?

Westside are required to undertake a rent review on the rent you pay, twice per year, in supported and community housing tenancies.

Community housing tenants undergo a rent review twice per year, in March for May rent changes and September for November rent changes.

Supported housing tenants only undergo a rent review once per year. This is done in September for November rent changes.

Affordable housing tenants do not undergo a rent review.

Rent reviews allow us to ensure we are charging the right amount of rent.

You will be asked to submit your Centrelink statement, payslips or other evidence of income for the preceding six weeks. You will also be asked to sign Centrelink authority to allow Westside access to your online Centerpay statements and Centrelink deductions.

Q. What do I do if my circumstances change?

If your circumstances change and someone moves in or out of the home, or you lose or gain employment – you can request a review of your rent. You can have your rent reviewed every 6 weeks.