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About Community Housing

Affordable housing options in South Australia

Community Housing is one of a number of affordable housing options in South Australia, it is funded by the State government and administered, maintained and managed by not-for-profit, community-based organisations. Public and community housing do have similarities, both offer medium to long-term housing with affordable rent. Public housing is managed and maintained by Housing SA on behalf of the State government and is a lot larger than Community Housing.

Providing for people in need

Community Housing can provide affordable and stable housing for people with high needs e.g. people who have experienced homelessness, the aged, people with a disability, survivors of domestic violence, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, low income families and individuals, and people experiencing difficulty accessing the private rental market.

Housing SA’s Community Partnerships and Growth is the Government agency responsible for regulating community housing organisations to ensure that they comply with the relevant legislation.


Adelaide Metro Map – coverage of community housing areas

Other Community Housing providers

You can browse the other community housing providers in SA here.


Please note that Community Housing:

  • Is not an emergency housing service – there may be a long wait once you are registered for community housing and there is no guarantee that you will be housed.
  • It is a register and not a waiting list.
  • Has a single register for all Community Housing registrants so you only need to register once to be registered with all Community Housing organisations.
  • Has an eligibility criteria to be met, this includes residency, income, assets or a needs test to determine your category.
  • If you are registered for community housing and have changed contact details, always call us to update your registration, change of phone number and address can be done over the phone. Any other changes such as area preference, household members, support worker etc. must be done via the appropriate paperwork (change of circumstance form).

No emergency accommodation

Due to the growing high demands for affordable rental properties, it is always encouraged for people to look at all other housing options. Unfortunately community housing is not available immediately due to vacancy, selection process and housing shortages. Westside Housing does not have emergency accommodation unlike some of the other housing associations. If you are in need of emergency housing please call Homeless Connect SA on 1800 003 308.