Hindmarsh Diamond Jubilee Cottage Homes

In commemoration of its proud 120 year history, the trustees of Hindmarsh Diamond Jubilee Cottage Homes and staff from Westside Housing have worked together on the development of a historical sign.

On Monday 18 December 2017, the sign was erected out the front of 106 Hawker Street, Ridleyton.

The sign can be viewed from the street or footpath if you are walking by. There are plenty of places to park nearby.

31 July 1897

His Excellency Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton Bt GCMG, Governor of South Australia laid the Foundation Stone for the first three cottages built on the corner of Government Road (now South Road) and Robert Street, Croydon.
The half-acre block of land was donated by Mr Richard Day and the first three units were built as a community effort. Materials were donated by local timber merchants and brick manufacturers, builders and carpenters voluntarily completed the work.
Despite the communities’ efforts, the project needed to raise an additional £140 to cover the building costs, and this prompted the first of many fundraising events to take place – the Queen’s Diamond Homes Bazaar. A ladies’ committee was formed to organise the Bazaars and the first one, opened by Lady Bonython in 1898, raised almost £500.
The first homes were completed 15 months after the foundation stone was laid.

15 September 1898

The first board of trustees was formed, with the Mayor of the time, A.H. Ralph sitting as Chairman. A total of 40 trustees have since volunteered their time to manage these homes and their residents.

October 1906

The Queen’s Diamond Homes Bazaar raised over £240 for the Hindmarsh Cottage Homes extension scheme, building new homes adjacent the three original buildings. There was even a newsletter produced, called the Diamond Re-Echo.


Three additional cottages were built to commemorate the 50th Jubilee of the Town of Hindmarsh.


Two more units were built. Foundation stones were laid by Mrs A.H. Turnbull and Mrs Sam Johnson and Ern Bateup Esq. The South Road site then had 12 homes.

2 November 1973

The Cottage Homes became a not for profit, incorporated body. Its intention remained the same, with a constitutional charter to provide housing at a  nominal rent for the aged or needy of the council area of Hindmarsh.


The Highways Department acquired the South Road site with the intention of building an underpass at the South Road rail crossing on the Port-City line and widening South Road. Work on this project did not actually commence until 2015, some 40 years later.
The trustees were forced to look for another site to build on and start over again.

26 August 1979

The new location for Hindmarsh Diamond Jubilee Cottage Homes, Sam Johnson Court, 24 Blight Street, Ridleyton, was opened by Hon. Roy Abbott M.P. Minister for Community Welfare. 15 units were built here.

June 1986

In partnership with the South Australian Housing Trust, two additional units were built at Sam Johnson Court. The house fronting Blight Street was also converted into two units, bringing the total up to 19.

July 2009

The house at 106 Hawker Street was purchased.

2014 to 2016

With substantial financial reserves, the trustees embarked on a development program. Firstly, two new two-bedroom units were built at the rear of the block, and secondly, the house was converted into two individual units. This brought the total number of units up to 23.

28 July 2017

Hindmarsh Diamond Jubilee Cottage Homes Trustees transferred the homes to Westside Housing Association – a likeminded community housing provider, that had its beginnings in the inner north of Adelaide in 1984. Westside will continue the legacy that began with these homes over 120 years ago.