Volunteering with Westside

Westside believes that Volunteers have the skills, life experience and enthusiasm to add value to our services.

In 2017 we had 10 Volunteers from Westside contributing towards the success of the Clothes Swap and the Inside Westside newsletter.

All volunteers will work directly with Alex, the Sustainable Communities Project Officer and Volunteer Manager for Westside.


Volunteer Management Policy

In November 2017 the Westside Board approved the first Volunteer Management Policy.

This policy was created in consultation with Volunteering SA/NT, Board members and Westside Management.

Current Volunteer opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering for Westside, look through the opportunities below.

Inside Westside Contributor

We create and release the tenant newsletter Inside Westside every 6 months,summer and winter.

Inside Westside Editor – Filled

Felicity, a former A-grade journalist in our tenant community, has been editor of the newsletter for the last 4 years. Her strengths lay in research, layout, editing and content development that is creative and meets the needs of our tenants, .

Inside Westside Contributor – Open

We are always looking out for customers who can develop, research and create articles and stories we can include in the newsletter. These may be based upon an event you have been or are going to, a personal story or experience, your work as a volunteer or involvement in a community club or activity.

If you would like to do some hands on research by being involved in a local club or community activity, please read the Inside Westside Contributor Brief. If you are interested, get in touch. We contribute up to $100 towards the cost of your activity.

Tool Librarian

We are looking for Tool Librarians to help as follows:

  • Collect, deliver and maintain our fleet of garden tools that are available for free to all tenants (once they successfully become a Tool Library member).
  • Be available minimum of 2 hours per fortnight on an ad hoc basis at first.
  • Have some knowledge, skills and/or interest in gardening, lawn maintenance and lawn mower or whipper snipper operations – or a willingness to learn and be trained.
  • Own a car that can transport tools or have a tow ball that can tow a small trailer (if not, you could be a passenger as the second person).

All Tool Librarian will work in pairs while out and about delivering, checking and collecting tools. This is to ensure the safety of volunteers and customers.

To learn more about the Tool Library, click here.

Westside Cookbook Coordinator

Visit the Westside Cookbook story to learn more.

The roles of the Westside Cookbook Coordinator will be:

  • receiving all recipe submissions (passed on from Westside)
  • ensuring we have all the necessary information from the person submitting (ie, full recipe, cost per serve, images etc)
  • formatting the document
  • graphic design (not necessary, but if capable)
  • printing and collating (binding, stapling etc).

Westside may be able to secure some funding to have the Cookbook professionally printed. We may also look at options of selling the cookbook in order to fundraise for other Westside community projects and events.

Skills and experience you could gain, have an interest in and even have some skills in already (not essential):

  • administrative, proofreading and editing
  • research and writing
  • graphic design and layout
  • communication and working as a part of a team.

Working with the Westside Volunteer Manager and possibly other members of staff, we can support you and offer you some training/mentoring in some of these areas.

Tenant Advisory Group (WTAG)

Please click this link to read more about the Westside Tenant Advisory Group.

Being involved in the TAG means you can directly impact decisions made that affect your home and your tenancy. You can also help come up with and  implement ideas that are innovative for the Community Housing sector.

It is also a great social event (see right, our first event in early 2018 was Barefoot Bowls).

Being a TAG member is not a strict responsibility, rather you can opt to come to the events and meetings that are convenient to you or you are interested in. Attending TAG events does not require  you to go through the same recruitment process as other roles (see below).
Contact Alex below to find out more.

Express your interest

Please contact Alex, the Sustainable Communities Project Officer on 08 8155 6082 or community@westsidehousing.org.au to express your interest in volunteering for any of the opportunities above.

Recruitment process

All potential volunteers must:

  • obtain a Police Clearance
  • have an interview with Westside Volunteer Manager.

Some positions also require:

  • a DCSI Clearance
  • a referee check.

Westside will cover the cost of the Police and DCSI Clearance.