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Focus on fixing neighborhood disputes

Community housing Tenancy Officers always face challenges in their job – with neighborhood disputes being the main cause of complaint from tenants.

Our northern area Tenancy Officer Kimberley has been with Westside for 2 months now, and has made some fantastic connections with tenants in her portfolio area.

Since she started, Kimberly has been dealing with some elderly, long term Westside tenants. They have been unhappy for some time in their property due to various reasons, but were also living in a property much too big for their needs.
With outstanding property care and excellent payment history, Kimberley decided to move them to a newly acquired property of ours, which has 2 bedrooms.

This has allowed us to allocate their 3 bedroom property to a needy family who will suit the dynamic of the area.

The tenants that we relocated brought these lovely flowers and some chocolates into the office this morning and are very grateful for everything Kimberly has done for them.
It certainly brought some smiles to everyone’s faces.