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Magic Harvest – Community Garden

Magic Harvest is a program that assists groups to learn together how to grow and cook food. In late 2013 UCWB adopted this method to complement our Low Cost Living, and other capacitybuilding programs.

Each week a group of UCWB clients visit the Brompton Community Garden where a plot is being cultivated with delicious, home-grown fruit and vegetables. Participants are encouraged to visit the plot any time they like, to maintain and harvest the produce as it matures. The aim of the program is to encourage activity around healthy living as well as learning ways to save money.
Each client receives equipment to be able to grow their own produce at home (container, growing medium, tools, gloves and seedlings) as well as participating in the group activities at the garden. This is not restricted to just UCWB activities either, as they are encouraged to join in the activities organised by the Brompton Community garden as well, and so mix with the other plot holders to gain even more knowledge.

The program runs all year round and the tasks and activities change with the seasons and how the garden is progressing. The bonus is that the members of the group not only have their own produce from their home projects but also get to the share the spoils of the harvest from the community garden. Some of the harvest is also used in cooking demonstrations in our Low Cost Living workshops. This four-week course discusses topics such as: shopping on a budget, healthy low-cost cooking, managing energy in the home and budget cleaning tips.

The Charles Sturt Council through their OPAL program have generously co-funded our Magic Harvest program to date, which has allowed 11 participants to experience the joy of growing their own produce. In just a short time this program has brought people together from all walks of life, to share knowledge, learn together, form friendships and revel in the satisfaction of watching something grow as a result of hard work and tender loving care. Some of our clients had never attempted to grow anything before and have really enjoyed seeing their successes and gaining the confidence to do it themselves.

New participants are always welcome to join the group at any time. You don’t need any experience in gardening or growing your own veggies, but anyone with expertise is always welcome to join in and share their knowledge.

If you would like to know more about this program please contact Joanna on (08) 8245 7100 or just come along to the garden when a group is happening (Thursdays 12.30pm)… you’ll be warmly welcomed and put straight to work!