Tenant Story

A year ago my wife, 21 and I, 22 were celebrating the birth of our first child and preparing for our first family Christmas. My job was stable and provided the necessary income required to support our family.

Christmas came and the new-year was in and we believed 2008 would bring many joys to our life. But life throws many twists and turns, which you can never expect. I lost my job in January and began searching for a new job but it didn’t come. Our private rental became beyond our budget and we struggled to stay afloat. Bills always seem to come in at the wrong time and before long we were chasing our own tails. I still could not find any work and my wife was forced into the workforce while our daughter was only two months old.

With only government payments and casual work for my wife, life was tight and at times felt like torture.

My wife could not continue with her work and my payments had ceased and after seven months of looking for work I was having no luck. To add to the situation our landlord informed us that the house was to be sold and gave us little time to find new accommodation. On one government income and jobless for so long who would rent a house to us?

The house was being sold and we still could not find a house. We were left with the option of living in a tent in a relative’s back yard. With nowhere else to go that’s where we went. The days got hotter and the nights got windier. Still no houses!

I contacted my support worker at Uniting Care Wesley Bowden and she was unbelievably supportive and eager to help. With the Help of Westside Housing Association they were both doing everything in their power to help my family.

Not too long after, a house came up in the north so we went and had a look and although living in a tent, we felt the safety of our daughter might be compromised there. After long talks with Bianca we opted to accept the house as no others were available, and we would have preferred to be closer to our family network.

But like the angels they are at Westside Housing, they blessed us the very next day with another house this time close to our family. It was exactly what we needed! What a blessing from above. It’s amazing what a little prayer and the kindness of people can achieve!

Christmas and my daughter’s first birthday is saved by the angels sent from above at WESTSIDE HOUSING ASSOCIATION they are a blessing to the Community!

To all the staff at Uniting Care Wesley and Westside Housing Association
Thank-you and Merry Christmas!