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Feedback, Complaints and Appeals Information

Feedback and Complaints Information

If you want to make suggestions, offer compliments or have your complaint heard, you have several options.
Formal complaints need to be in writing.

Westside has an online Feedback Form that can be used for any feedback, including complaints. You can also access a paper copy of the Feedback Form at our office or you can request one to be sent to you by calling 08 8155 6070.

Please write to us within two weeks of the event or issue you are unhappy about. If you have raised the matter informally or verbally and wish to make it formal, you will need to contact us within two weeks of our response to your informal complaint.

To access a copy of our Feedback, Complaints and Appeals Brochure, please click on the picture of the brochure to the side.

Appeals Information

The appeals process is available to tenants residing in Westside Housing Company Ltd. properties. This is a two part process with internal and external appeal mechanisms.

You may contact Westside Housing if you wish to appeal a decision made, and it will be taken up in confidence, with the appropriate person.

Call 08 8155 6070
Email feedback@westsidehousing.org.au


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