Maintenance Request

If the maintenance is an emergency DO NOT FILL out this form.
– Office hours emergency: between 9.00am – 4.00pm, Monday – Friday, please contact the office for assistance on (08) 8155 6070.
– After hours emergency: please dial our after hours emergency number on (08) 8155 6070.


Westside Housing will provide and maintain its properties in a good state of repair.

Westside Housing has developed minimum property standards and we will ensure that the properties we manage meet these standards. This includes ensuring that we attend to both large items, e.g. new kitchens and also less expensive items such as repairing flyscreens.

How do tenants make a request for repairs?

Tenants can call the office directly on 8155 6070
Come into our office (478 Port Road, West Hindmarsh)
Fill in a Maintenance Request form

*Westside Housing keeps records of all correspondence and this may become very important at the end of your tenancy.

How long should tenants wait for things to be fixed?

Westside Housing will always endeavor to have maintenance matters attended to within the following timeframes:

Priority 1 (Emergency Repairs)

Issues that are a threat to the tenants’ health or safety or there is a risk of serious property damage will be responded to within 24 hours.

Priority 2 (Urgent Repairs)

Will be responded to within 7 days.

Priority 3 (Routine Repairs)

Will be responded to within 30 days.

What type of maintenance will Westside Housing attend to?

There are some items that tenants commonly request that we are unable to assist with. Some of these matters are:

  • Supply and installation of air conditioners or heating
  • Mowing of lawns and edges and removal of green waste
  • Patios or pergolas
  • Telephone supply and connections
  • Installation of satellite or other Pay-TV services
  • Supply and installation of grills, grids or shutters to windows
  • Some types of pest control such as rats, mice and cockroaches

Modification Request Form

Can tenants organise work to the property if they are willing to pay for it?

If tenants wish to undertake improvements to their home themselves, they must apply in writing via the Alteration Request Form.

Tenants should speak to their Tenancy Officer or the Maintenance Officer who can provide them with this form. Once submitted, tenants may be contacted to talk about the steps involved and conditions of undertaking the work (if it is a significant modification to the home or property). These conditions can vary depending on the type of work being done.

If approved, tenants will then receive written confirmation to go ahead with the work.

How do tenants contact Westside Housing outside of office hours?

Please contact Westside Housing on (08) 8155 6070 this is our after hours maintenance number. You should only use this service if the problem is likely to cause injury to you or another person, serious damage to your property, or extreme inconvenience / discomfort.

Examples include faulty Residual Current Devices (RCDs), gas or major water leaks, or no power.

After hours maintenance is very expensive and we need to advise you that if you use this service and the problem is not of the type described above, an after-hours charge may apply.

What can tenants do if things are taking too long to get fixed?

Tenants should speak with their Tenancy Officer. Westside Housing also has a formal complaints and appeal process, where tenants can have their issues further investigated and resolved. Please contact us for further information.[/vc_column_text]