Modification Request Form

This form must be used prior to you modifying, installing or altering your rental home in any way. Please agree to the following terms before we assess your request:

Please do not proceed with any work on the property until you have received written permission from Westside to do so.

Approvals & Regulations

Any work carried out is to be completed to a professional standard with due regard to all relevant safety regulations, council by-laws and council development approval, where applicable.

Licenced Tradespeople

Any works requiring a licenced tradesperson, i.e. electrical and/or plumbing works, must only be completed by a tradesperson with the relevant licencing and a Certificate of Compliance must be forwarded to Westside when the works are completed.

Tenant to Pay

Any works carried out at the property are to be completed entirely at the tenant/s expense. You, the tenant, agrees to pay for all maintenance and any other expenses in relation to the alterations.

If You Leave

In the event of the tenancy agreements ending, for any reason, Westside reserves the right to decide whether the modifications/alterations:
– May be left in place at the property; or
– Will need to be removed at the tenant/s expense.

Ongoing maintenance

Westside cannot provide for the maintenance of tenant modifications/alterations and cannot provide financial reimbursement for any items installed in the event that the tenant vacates the property.

On the basis of the above terms and conditions being agreed to, Westside will consider the proposal for property modification/alteration on the attached form. Tenant/s are required to supply comprehensive details with each application and set criteria will apply to any approvals granted.
If you wish to proceed, under these conditions, complete the attached form detailing the modification/alteration you are seeking permission for.

Modification Request Form


Details of the proposed modification

  • Please upload a scan, image or photograph (if relevant)


  • If you have received a quote for this modification already, please attach it below. It is not necessary to have this form approved.