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Discussion from latest Tenant Advisory Group meetings

Over three Wednesdays between 26 September and 10 October 2018, Westside traveled throughout metro Adelaide to talk with our customers about issues and opportunities relating to their home. The Tenant Advisory Group meetings (TAG) were held in Elizabeth Grove, Brompton and Hove community centers, making events easily accessible for our customers to attend.

All events had a social aspect – with 32 people across the three days sharing lunch with Westside staff, Board members and each other. A game of bingo eased everyone into the event and saw three lucky attendees win gift vouchers to the movies.

What was discussed?

Westside Sustainable Communities Project Officer, Alex, facilitated each event and consulted on the four following topics:

  • Solar panels
  • Heating and cooling
  • Gardening and cleaning
  • Maintenance and repairs

These topics were significant items of focus from feedback we received in the 2018 Tenant Satisfaction Survey. All attendees were asked why these issues or opportunities were important to them, when considering maintaining their homes, tenancies and enjoying where they live. The groups then worked together to uncover ideas and solutions for overcoming issues (i.e. communication that gives people a clear understanding of maintenance works and timelines) or working towards opportunities (i.e. how Westside can support households to obtain solar panels for their home and reduce the cost of living).

Where to from here?

Alex and Deanna (Westside’s first University student placement) will be working on a report for Westside staff, the CEO and Board members.

They will also be creating a document to send to all TAG attendees and those who RSVP’d but couldn’t attend, and it will posted on the Westside TAG page.

There will be a number of actions that Westside staff and tenants groups will be working towards in the coming months and years, and we will update customers on these in new e-newsletters, the bi-annual newsletter Inside Westside, this website and as well as the Facebook page.

Top left: Winning bingo at Elizabeth Grove.
Top middle: Staff and customers enjoying lunch in Brompton. 
Top right: Alex answering questions at Elizabeth Grove. 
Bottom left: Alex discussing solutions to issues during a group exercise in Hove. 
Bottom middle: Enjoying soup and bread on a cold day for lunch in Hove. 
Bottom right: Staff, tenants and Westside Board members in discussion in Hove.