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What we learnt from the 2018 Tenant Satisfaction Survey

We would like to thank the 46% of Westside households who took part in the 2018 biennial Tenant Satisfaction Survey.  The data provided has shown us that we have improved in several areas. Westside has worked hard over the last two years, since the 2016 survey, to increase satisfaction with customer service, maintenance and repairs, communication and many other areas.

The three most important areas of service to tenants

Value for money 56%

Repairs and maintenance 75%

Condition of home 50%

Maintenance and repairs

The most significant improvement from 2016 was maintenance services, which saw an increase of 10% to 87%.

Repair quality also increased between 2016 and 2018, up 12% to 89%.

Thank you for doing the job quickly and perfectly

Tenant comment

Overall satisfaction

We also saw an increase of 20% in overall satisfaction from 2014-2018.

In 2014 overall satisfaction was 69%, in 2016 85% and in 2018 the number rose to 89%.

“Regardless what my phone call is about I have always been treated with respect and listened to and where can I am left satisfied with an answer whether that is for me or not in my request. Always handled professionally.”

Tenant comment