We encourage all tenants to know about the area they live in.

Councils do more than rates and roads, they offer Libraries, Community Centres, community and event grants, sporting facilities, hard rubbish collection, support verge gardens and take care of your waste and recycling!

Use the LGA SA website to find the council you live in.

You can search by postcode or suburb.

My Local Services App

My Local Services works across the state to deliver information about local services to local communities of participating councils. You can set it for the council you live in for information such as the office locations, contact details, elected members, plus:

  • A handy calendar and reminder for which bin to put out and when.
  • A link to book a hard rubbish collection online.
  • Report on issues direct to the council.
  • Discover your local facilities such as parks, libraries etc.

This App can be downloaded for FREE from Google Play for Android and the App store for Apple.