The collective purchase and management of co-operative housing flourished over the past 30 years. This community-focused form of secure and affordable housing has floundered in recent times, however, particularly with the withdrawal of government support for public housing co-operatives.

Who we are today has been significantly influenced by the Members, Trustees and/or Directors of the organisations who have transferred their homes to Westside in recent history. With the addition of new homes from housing co-operatives and benevolent organisations, our tenant community has spread far across the metropolitan area in both the north and the south, and up to the Adelaide Hills. Westside would like to acknowledge the long and proud history of these organisations, and thank them for trusting us with their homes.

Q. Who are the former cooperatives now within Westside Housing?

The following co-operatives have transferred to Westside Housing either in full or part since 2015.

  • Community Housing in Adelaide Housing Co-operative Inc. (CHINA)
  • Craigmore Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Eco Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Fenix Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Glasshouse Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Halifax Eco-Housing Co-operative Inc.’
  • Hills Housing Co-operative Inc. (partial)
  • Hindmarsh Diamond Jubilee Cottage Homes Inc.
  • House-One Co-operative Inc.
  • ISIS Housing Co-operative Inc. (partial)
  • La Luna Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Mt Lofty Ranges Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Permaculture Community Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Resourceful Housing Co-operative Inc.
  • Roof Over Our Heads Housing Co-operative Inc. (ROOH)
  • RSL Care SA Housing Association Inc.
  • W.I.S.E Housing Co-operative Inc.

Why Co-operate

Westside sponsored a project by dedicated volunteer, Michelle Hogan to learn from different models of housing cooperatives, both private and public. This included former housing co-operative members from those groups listed above. It is a valuable record of history, lessons learnt from the co-operative movement and insight for the future.

Hindmarsh Diamond Jubilee Cottage Homes

In commemoration of its proud 120 year history, the trustees of Hindmarsh Diamond Jubilee Cottage Homes and staff from Westside Housing worked together on the development of a historical sign.
The sign was erected in 2017 at the front of