Green Thumb Grant

The Green Thumb Grant is back in 2019

This time we have two categories

Front yard

Must be for a front yard project.

*Ideas include planting a tree, a raised veggie bed, growing grass or soil improvement.

Work with your neighbours and a team project; to create a verge or communal garden, plant a shady tree with a new bench seat and so on and each household will receive $200. Your neighbour doesn’t even have to be a Westside customer.

Image right: a front yard project completed in 2018, adding fast growing trees to a front yard to shade and add privacy on a busy road.

Shade your house

Plant and create a structure that will help shade the hottest part of your home in summer (front, back or side).

Westside will need to consider each of these applications carefully, especially if they require a council application or you are in a unit complex or have shared garden space.

Image right: A shading structure from Sophies Patch in Mt Barker, our inspiration for this category.

Do you need help with your idea?

Contact Alex, Sustainable Communities Project Officer, on 8155 6082 or (Wed-Fri) to discuss your ideas.
Alex can also talk to the Maintenance team, who would work with you if you need to complete a Modification Request Form or submit a Council application for your project.

How to apply

Applying is simple. Simply write a few sentences about what you want to do, and add a photo or a sketch and send to:


Westside Housing
Attn: Alex Fry
478 Port Road
West Hindmarsh SA 5007

Preference will be given to those who have not received a Green Thumb Grant before.

Previous Green Thumb Grants

In 2017 and 2018, 16 deserving tenants from all over Adelaide each received a grant for them to undertake front yard and neighbourhood projects, which included:

  • plant a shared vege patch in a unit complex
  • planting fruit trees
  • more native trees to attract bird-life
  • a front yard tree to block traffic lights and shade a bedroom.

Pictures of some of the projects so far!