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2020 Tenant Satisfaction Survey

The 2020 Tenant Satisfaction Survey will be sent to all households in early March!

This survey is run every two years by CHIA NSW, who will mail out all the surveys, receive and collate responses. Westside has contracted CHIA NSW to manage our customer survey for 2020. This allows us to compare ourselves with 30 other community housing providers nationally. They are able to compare our results against other housing providers (known as benchmarking) and give us valuable advice for improving our service in the future. Once all of the feedback from the surveys are received, the results of give us goals to work towards over the following 12-24 months.

The survey is very important for Westside Housing because it provides us with key information about the services that we are providing to you. The survey information helps us to understand our strengths and areas where we need to refocus our efforts and also helps us to measure the success of our projects.

The survey should be completed by the head tenant and include information on all household members. The information you provide will be completely anonymous.

Survey timeline and prizes

The surveys are mailed out in early March 2020 and if the survey is completed by Monday April 6 2020, you can go in the running for one of these two  GREAT PRIZES:

  • A $100 gift card
  • A $200 gift card

How to complete the survey

You can choose to complete the survey online or fill in the form you receive in the post.


You must visit this webpage.

How to login
Username: the 4 digits at the top right hand side of your hard copy survey
Password: your postcode
* you can find your username and password on your cover letter too. 


Complete the hard copy paper survey sent to you via mail and return it in the reply paid envelope provided.


If you need any help, please call our office Monday to Friday, 9 am – 4 pm.

We can:

  • provide you with your unique identifier number or password (postcode) if you have lost it
  • mail you another blank survey
  • support you to complete the survey online (on your own device or the office computer)
  • mail the survey off for you
  • answer and tricky questions you have about the meaning of questions in the survey.

What has changed in the 2020 survey?

We have added some new sections to the 2020 survey, which include:

  • do you use the Westside Housing website, and do you have any suggestions to improve it?
  • energy hardship questions and your interest in paying for sustainable and household improvements
  • personal wellbeing questions.

We appreciate your support in completing this survey and filling out the questions to the best of your ability!

National Social Housing Survey

Please note that a separate tenant survey is being carried out to randomly selected social housing tenants by an independent agency, Lonergan Research, on behalf of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) and the South Australian Housing Authority. If you receive the National Social Housing Survey, please note that Westside Housing does not receive any results from this survey directly, so it is important to fill out both surveys.